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Gracefully Sorted

An Organized and Tidy Space.

A Peaceful Mind. 


Let's Meet

I'm Emily, An Expert in Organizing

I have spent the last ten years in the corporate arena, managing high-level contracts with the leading telecom and cable providers globally. This role equipped me to problem solve in a high-intensity business setting and utilized my innate ability to create order out of complexity. 


At heart, I have always enjoyed tidying, sorting, and organizing. My mom recalls me coming home from school as a third grader, telling her my preference was to stay in from recess so that I could clean out the desks of my fellow class-mates instead. My hope is still the same, I want to help others create order in their lives. 


I find great joy and energy in the organizational process, as I feel an ordered space creates a spirit of ease and peace. Organizational projects can be challenging, I am here to help lighten that burden. I enter into this process without judgement but rather with genuine excitement to take-on areas that you find overwhelming. My vision is to work with you to strategically create systems and innovative solutions that endure and function seamlessly within your lifestyle. Gracefully Sorted was created out of my passion for cultivating a life of peace through organization.


Schedule a Consultation 


I'm offering complimentary half-hour consultations to talk through your organizational needs. In this discovery meeting, we will talk about what is working and not working for the area you'd like to address. We will discuss your goals for the space, and I'll walk you through my process for organization. Contact me today to schedule a consultation! 

Happy Clients' Homes


"Emily has run high level operations for multi-million dollar telecom accounts, and has the gift of bringing order to chaos in professional settings, as well as home settings. In addition, she is a pure joy to have in your home!" 

Janeen Simundson

"Emily not only organized and cleared space in my home, but as a result and more importantly, cleared space in my mind! 

Joseph Nagy

"I am so grateful for Emily's help, and especially her positive attitude and energy. She is lovely!

Laura Martin

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